Are these thoughts going through your mind?

 What if I have to go home for a family emergency?

What if I lose my job in my new country? How will I afford to live?

How will I afford to go home if things don’t work out?

Where do I find a one-way travel insurance?

Migration Cover is the answer!*



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*Conditions Apply. Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details, conditions and exclusions. This product does not cover Income Replacement.

Our Packages and Options - For Permanent Residents and Temporary Work Visa - Get a Quote Now!

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*Conditions Apply. Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details, conditions and exclusions. This product does not cover Income Replacement.

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Migration Cover – Can you afford to be without it?

 Migration Cover is a Migration Insurance product created for Migrants, Visa Holders and Expats.

It provides peace of mind for those who are moving to, or those who have already moved to Australia or New Zealand!

Are you worried about the risks associated with relocating to a new country?

  • What happens if a close relative falls ill, or worse?

  • What if something happens to your property in your original home country?

  • What happens if you lose your job in your new country?

Have a look at our great range of options and add-ons and GET A QUOTE TODAY!

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Spread your payments*
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One easy payment*
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*The prices indicated above are based on Option 1, 18-30 age group and does not include stamp duty, taxes, fees and charges which may alter depending on your new host country, destination and age. We cover up to 60 years of age. Prices are accurate as of 30 June 2016 and may change depending on currency exchange rates at the time of purchase.

Have the flexibility to pay by the month or annually, take the whole package, or build your own from our range of options.


Migration Cover explained in one minute!

Watch this video to find out more about Migration Cover.

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Health Insurance - Australia

Need health insurance for Australia?

We now offer cover for the following migrant categories:

→ 485 Visa Students

→ Overseas Visitors

→ 457 Visa Holders

→ Working Holiday and Work and Holiday

→ More

Find our more and get a quote Now!

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Protect Your Income

Ever wondered what would happen if you were to have a serious accident or illness?

What would happen with your income? How would you pay the bills and enjoy life?

That is why we now offer Income Protection. We want you to be protected in your new life choice and allow you to have peace of mind.

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What our Clients say about Migration Cover and our products.

“I got Migration Cover for many reasons. Firstly, because we are leaving my Mum and my oldest daughter behind. If something went wrong at least we have coverage. Secondly,  we want to travel a lot around OZ, Bali and other places nearby and with the travel insurance, this will make sure we have a level of cover. I think the product is very innovative and I congratulate the team at Migration Cover for inventing this product. Why hasn’t someone done this before?”

Paul V

“I was concerned about leaving my family behind. My parents are getting older. Of greatest concern is that I am so far away and if something goes wrong, I will need to get back in a hurry. Migration Cover alleviates this concern through this innovative policy.”

Natasha N

“I am going to Australia on a 457 Visa. I know that if I am made redundant, then I will have 90 days to either find a new sponsor, or I have to leave the country. At least with Migration Cover, I can have peace of mind in knowing that if I am made redundant, then I have insurance for this.”

Michael B