Who Are We?

Migration Cover has been developed to provide a sense of security for international migration for individuals, couples and families. It does this by answering the ongoing questions that worry a potential migrant, such as; What will happen if a family member at home gets ill? What will happen if I am involuntarily made redundant? What if I can’t find another job? How will I return home if I need to?

The company was conceived and the product created as a direct result of listening to migrants, understanding and empathising with their issues. The founders of the company are themselves migrants and used this experience to address the stumbling blocks they had faced.

Experience shows migrants are concerned about:

  1. Leaving family behind
  2. Illness or death in the family, including the migrants themselves
  3. Involuntary redundancy
  4. Leaving property behind
  5. Being insured for their journey

Migration Cover is unique and innovative, simply because it offers peace of mind by covering the policy holder’s repatriation, employment advocacy and travel needs.

Migration Cover is the first insurance product of its type to reduce the risk for migrants and offer peace of mind when moving to a new country. Migrating should be an exciting time and this product has been developed so you don’t have to worry about what could go wrong.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Insurance Products to people who are migrating, have migrated, hold visas or are in the EXPAT arena. In providing these insurances, we continually listen to our clients to further develop our range of products to the highest of standards.


Our Responsibility is to our clients. We act on behalf of our clients in all aspects of our product range. When it comes to claims, the Migration Cover is there to assist the client in this process.

Further responsibilities is to ensure that clients are receiving proper advice in the migration and expat sectors. To that end, we work with Industry Representation in the development of client satisfaction.

Company Value

Our Values are as follows:

  1. Advance a Life Choice – provide ethical, responsible Insurance policies that aid a client.
  2. Support the Life Choice – provide guidance to the client when it is most needed. Support the client to the best of our ability. We are there when no one else is.
  3. Develop our relationships – work with like-minded people, organisations and businesses, who consider the client first above all other items.

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Every migrant or expat needs support in their new life journey. Should you wish to join our programme, please get in touch with us.

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