Migration Cover Insurance Options

Worried about leaving family or property behind?

In the event of the serious illness, injury or death of a Close Relative, or damage to your home in your original home country.

This package is designed to give you confidence in leaving your family or property behind, to provide you and your family with peace of mind.

Worried about becoming unemployed in your new country?

In the event of your involuntary unemployment, we will co-ordinate assistance, by providing you access to a range of advice & services to get you back to work.

If you remain unemployed for an extended period,* we will further assist you in permanently returning you back to your original home country.

Do you want the complete Migration Cover package?

We know how important it is to have confidence and security in this new life choice. That is why the complete Migration Cover Package covers our full range of insurance including Temporary Return or Permanent Repatriation (Return), Involuntary Unemployment Services and Travel Insurance. Find out more.

457 Visa Insurance for Australia

We Insure you for your Australian 457 Visa Conditions

Back to Work Services including Visa Advice

Relocation to take new employment

Return/Repatriation back to Home Country

Income Protection Insurance

Worried about becoming unemployed in your new country?

Ever wondered what would happen if you were to have a serious accident or illness?

What would happen with your income? How would you pay the bills and enjoy life?

That is why we now offer Income Protection. We want you to be protected in your new life choice and allow you to have peace of mind.

Need Private Health Insurance?

Have peace of mind with great options for your health cover.

May visa classes are catered for in this advanced product range. Choose the package that suits your needs!

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