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New Zealand Work Visa

Protect your New Zealand Work Visa. Involuntary Job Loss insurance. We find you a new job if made redundant. We assist you in relocation to take up new work.

Visa Insurance Involuntary Job Loss

Our insurance covers you if you are made involuntarily redundant. We will find you more work, assist in the relocation if necessary and more. If you are unable to ...

457 Visa Insurance

On a 457 Visa and concerned about the changes to the visa? What about your job security on a 457 Visa. Find out more at http://www.migrationcover.com/

Migration Cover Product Overview

Visa Insurance for people migrating to Australia or New Zealand, or who have already migrated in the past 2 years. See our range of products here to help you ...

Temporary or Permanent Return Visa Insurance

Worried about leaving family behind? We cover the serious illness, injury or death of a close relative. We also cover the visa holder and their family for the same ...

457 Visa Job Loss Insurance

457 Visa Job Loss Insurance - in case you get made redundant in your employment. For new and existing visa holders. https://goo.gl/ZScJRb.

Insure your visa, your job, your new life with Migration Cover

Imagine you are migrating to Australia or New Zealand and when you get there, one of your close relatives becomes seriously ill. Now - Imagine - how will you ...

A Migration Cover Christmas

breaking news - Santa Claus is moving Downunder. Migration Cover wishes you all a warm and happy seasons greetings. - Feel free to please share. Visit us at ...

Australia Vs Nz

Australia vs New Zealand - RESULTS ARE IN......... # Spoiler Alert - it's not what you think. Find out who invented the Pavlova what is a thong and we answer ...

NZ Temporary Work Visa Insurance A must have!

Our New Temporary Work Visa Insurance for New Zealand, provides protection against the "what if's" in your work and life under these visas. We provide cover ...

457 Visa Insurance Get a Quote Now

Protect your 457 Visa choice by taking out our new product - 457 Visa Insurance. We assist with you if you are made involuntarily redundant, by working with you ...

5 Hot Tips for Migrating to Australia or NZ

Here is our 5 Hot tips for planning the big move Downunder. Dont forget to have a plan B - that is where Migration Cover can help. We here it all the time from ...

5 Reasons to Relocate to Australia

As if you need an excuse to move to Australia. Here are 5 great reasons to make the move. When you do decide to make the big move, consider getting ...

5 Reasons to move to New Zealand

Here are 5 Great reasons to move to the land of the Long White Cloud. There are plenty more reasons. A great choice for jobs and lifestyle. Migration Cover can ...

How to speak Australian

A quick video on some of the language you might need for your move to Australia. Aussie English is one of the hardest languages in the world. You little ripper ...

Become A Broker

As an Insurance Broker, you can work with Migration Cover to offer our insurance products to your clients. Please speak to us about how we can work together to ...

Temporary Return What s Included?

Migration Cover's Permanent Return service is part of our exclusive Option 1 - Temporary and Permanent Return Package. Terms and Conditions apply. Ensure ...

Become an Affiliate

Why not become an affiliate of Migration Cover today and earn the benefits for your clients. http://www.migrationcover.com/signup-as-affiliate/

Option 1 Temporary or Permanent Return Package

Migration Cover - Worried about leaving close family behind when you migrate? Our Temporary Repatriation package will assist you in the event of a serious ...

Migration Cover Reducing the risks for Migrants, Visa Holders and Expats

Find out more about our exclusive range of packages at www.migrationcover.com.

Option 3 The Complete Migration Cover Package

Migration Cover - The Complete package includes all of the options of Temporary and Permanent Return, Involuntary Redundancy and Annual Multi-trip Travel ...

Travel Insurance Add ons

Migration Cover allows you to add-on Travel Insurance. Either Single Journey or Annual Multi-trip. Find out more at www.migrationcover.com/packages.

Permanent Return What s Included?

Migration Cover's Permanent Return service is part of Package 1 and Package 2. Terms and Conditions apply. Ensure you read the Product Disclosure ...

How it works Migrating from Offshore Australia or New Zealand

Migration Cover - Buy Migration Cover Packages before you book your travel to Australia or New Zealand and get the benefits of our Travel Insurance Add-ons.

Migration Cover Has Changed Find Out More

We have listened. We now offer more options for you for Australia and New Zealand. Find out more at www.migrationcover.com/packages.

Income Protection

Migration Cover now offers Income Protection for Australia. Ever wondered what will happen if the unexpected should occur? Find out more and get a quote for ...

Migration Cover A short Introduction

Learn more about Migration Cover at www.migrationcover.com.

Option 2 Involuntary Unemployment Package

Migration Cover - worried about losing your job in your new country? Migration Cover provides an exclusive package that aims to get you "Back to Work" with our ...

How Migration Cover Works Onshore

Migration Cover is available to people who have migrated to Australia or New Zealand in the past 2 years of migrating. Find out more of information and make ...

Back to Work Services

Migration Cover - Back To Work services - Part of our Involuntary Unemployment Package - Find out more at www.migrationcover.com.

An Introduction to Migration Cover

Migration Cover is the first insurance product of its type, reducing risk from your move to Australia and New Zealand. http://www.migrationcover.com/

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